I. Collaborators:

  1. Discount according to the retail price of products:  20% / product
  2. Be joined  collaborators and agents 
  3. Just take all of you in the group or in the fanpage about reposted
  4. Will someone support intensive counseling if needed and after a customer agrees to buy, you will still be charged the normal commission
  5. You just sell the remaining  Princie Diamond takes care of packaging, shipping, discounting for you

Collaborators forms do this is very simple, you just need to post and receive commissions. However, because the pressure is not what should be the motivation for success seems to be less. So, with these Collaborators good seller, after only a short time will be transferred to the Agent. From here, you can be considered a real online business and be supported under a completely different mechanism.


II. Agency

Princie Diamond, sounding too big, too difficult, right?

However this is only calling with you directly import goods for sale to enjoy the much larger discount than collaborators. And only become agents of Princie Diamond then you get maximum support mechanisms such as single firing mechanism for agents, image design, banner … So want to do is to ask agents what?

The only answer for the whole system  Princie Diamond  : ” Enter 5 or more products “

You remember then, is to enter the word ” 5 of their products ” that can become  agents of  Princie Diamond  then. Once after connecting with us, you do not ask again ” company request anything becoming Agencies? 

Since most of you do new Agency, the number of imported products only a few dozen to a few products only. When reached hundreds of products, we will have a mechanism for you, just like the big dealers are importing quantities of hundreds, thousands present.

Mechanism for Agents, you complete peace of mind: Do not worry about losing your capital, worry not exist row. ” The profit is yours – is our capital .”

Agency policy 

  1. The first line, always better pricing  (for example, you get 10 product, you will be charged at import prices of 20 products)
  2. Agents can get other types of products  (each product type 1 2), we will add the total amount and price for you
  3. Always support the turnaround of products:  Products that sell slowly, you can send back, we will change for you to sell your products better
  4. Payback:  When you want to stop trading for any reason, we will enter the entire inventory for you. Negligent loss of capital nhé
  5. Support Consultants: You are joined Agents and Collaborators, where a lot of you have experience in consulting and sales are ready to assist interpretation and advice to help your patients
  6. Special:  Upon receipt of retail purchase on the website, we will pass the application for agents in the region, the province of you, so that you sell. Do not worry not sell
  7. Ship fees:  All orders for Affiliates are free when cargo ship

The next step is to join with us, to stand in teams, learning and sales

Step 1: Make friends with responsible agents and collaborators princie Diamond on facebook

Step 2:  (For Agent import) – Messaging content:

” So I would like to quote the discount Dealers princie Diamond “

Step 3:  Messaging content:

” Let her join our team and collaborators Agents princie Diamond “

Step 4:  Join the group and started work your online business

Online trading is now very simple for everyone, however, who traveled a long way and grows a new one is important. To do that, in addition you must have all the elements as a good product, effort and perseverance of yourself, the last thing and very important it is to have a team, a companion with you. So let’s join the team of agents and collaborators princie Diamond  to obtain sufficient elements so that you can grow and succeed.